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Air Heater

Air Heater RA2000

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Water Heater


Water Heater

Technical Specifications:


Water Heater



Working Principle: This heating system uses the diesel or gas as the fuel, heat the cooling liquid of the engine, the forced-circulation water pump circulate in the car’s water way, preheats the engine and reduces the attrition, achieves the purpose of eliminating the frost and warming the compartment.

Product Advantages:

1. Compact structure, convenient installation , disassembly, and maintenance.

2. Complete burning, high thermal efficiency, oil saving, environment protection, and emission reduction.

3. Avoid starting at a low temperature, reduce the engine attrition efficiently.

4. Function reliable, temperature rises quickly, save the energy.

Scope of Application: This heater has the qualities of high thermal power and efficiency. It can apply for preheating the autos at a low temperature and eliminating the frost of the trucks, engineering autos and special vehicles.


Automobile is one of the most important ways which has changed people’s life. Modern people’s qualities of work and life are improved by the autos. Your actions are not limited by the distances. Owing the auto is an important symbol of having high quality and comfortable life. The Belief parking heaters depend on the technologies innovation and come from Europe. It will make your auto’s life more comfortable and pleased, even in the cold winter (-40), the heater can warm your compartment just like the warm and comfortable weather of spring.

The Belief parking heater is an independent warm system of oil combustion, with the highly intelligent remote control, do not need to start the engine the heater can preheat the engine and compartment, then eliminate and avoid the cold starting, reduce the engine attrition, extend the service life of the engine, make a warm and comfortable driving environment.

Having the car parking heater,you can save an expensive cost of the garage, in the meantime,you gain a warm motion garage. More than ten high-technology safety guarantees, then it is security, environmental, comfortable, economical. What else do we need?

“Belief” car parking heaters are national patented products with decision-making intellectual property which are made by Harbin HaoKe Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Harbin Institute Of Technology. It fills the blank in China, and has the advanced level of the world.